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What are these cbr files?


The cbr format is simply a renamed winrar file. The cbr files are a series of jpg files (pictures), compressed into one file for easy storage and access. One comic equals one file.

I downloaded the comic, but cannot view it.


To view the comic you must either uncompress it with the correct software or use a viewing program. There are many different software programs available on the internet for viewing the comics.

Download cdisplay here for Windows, or go to their site at
You can also go to for Windows.
For Mac OSX you can use FFView.
For Linux you can use Xylasoft. Also works with Windows.

Why do I get Archive Broken when I try to download a comic?


A broken archive message means that your download was not completed correctly. At times, the server has a high volume of requests and errors may occur. If you get a broken archive, try to download the file again.

Errors are most likely to occur if you have a slow connection speed. The longer it takes to download a file, the greater the chance of failure. If you insist on trying to download with dial-up, then try during off peak hours.

Why are some issues marked unavailable?


Unavailable usually means just that. It is currently not available in digital format. Scanning and editting each comic is a long chore. Finding a suitable comic to scan is not easy either. It must be good enough to scan, but not so good as to endanger its grade with rough handling. When it becomes available I will upload it.

Which comics will be on your site?


I am currently uploading Quality and Fawcett comics.

Why are you asking for donations?


The aim of this site is to make several thousand comics available for download. With no user fees or membership fees, we are currently bearing all of the expenses. As the site has grown, so have the expenses.
If you enjoy the site and believe in the importance of the Archive then we ask you to please make a donation.

1711 comics online